Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter C

Climbing The Tree

You begin your ascent
the lower branches are easy to navigate
as you climb 
the distance between limbs increases 
you must develop more confidence in your skills to climb higher
some limbs will snap under your weight
others are quite sturdy and supportive
you stay on these limbs for a while to enjoy the view
Many seasons will pass as you climb
The rebirth of spring
The vitality of summer
The letting go of fall
The death of winter
Once you reach the top
You look down
see how far you have climbed and all you have accomplished by trusting yourself and the tree.


  1. Very lovely! I teach school and this reminded me of looking back on the kids when the school year first began and remembering how far they have come...love it!

  2. This one really made me think about the things that happen in life. Challenges. Love it. <3

  3. I love this....the roller coaster of life!