Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letter J

Junk Mail

The post man comes
drops in a pile of mail
such anticipation
opening the lid
grabbing the stack
flipping through
causing a
slight ink laced breeze
to hit my face
home owner
current occupant
someone else's name/or current resident
all sorts of
sales on this and that
life enhancing
life changing
sent at the bulk rate price
for whomever resides behind the door


  1. That's so true. Never any good mail!!

  2. Nice job. I don't check my own mail my hubby does. And it's always junk or bills. Not too exciting.

    Jen from Falling for Fiction.

  3. Nice poem. I used to love getting the mail. Not so much anymore.

  4. Well done, MJ!

    Love this turn of phrase: laced breeze
    to hit my face..