Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been a ghost town around here

I know, I know the tumbleweeds have collected around the text of this blog.  I have just been trying to figure how to fit life into everyday, not succeeding very well either. :)

It is the start of my favorite month, Halloween month!  I love Halloween!  I am contemplating writing a short a day in honor of this spooky month. If I so decide, I will let you read them right here in my ghost town.

I am also trying to find my Halloween decorations, they live in a box somewhere around here?


  1. I love Halloween, too. It's a great holiday.

  2. I've already had my fill of Halloween - I went into Wallmart on my recent trip to Canada and it was Wall to Wall costumes, gifts, decorations, party food and other stuff. All I wanted was some birthday wrapping paper!

  3. It's easy to let a blog slip, I've done it lately myself.
    Looking forward to some new stuff.
    I brought a bag of chocolate bars for any kids who come knocking on Halloween. But they haven't lasted long and now I need more.

  4. Halloween!!. We don't celebrate it over here but I sure make time to place a Jack o' lantern in the house though mum doesn't approve. :)

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