Friday, June 22, 2012

Poem for The Roarin' Twenties Blogfest


ticking of the clock
the hands are full
how to pass
the time
how about
the other thing

Here are the rules: Any time between June 22 (Wendy Lu's birthday!) and June 24, post on your blog either an original poem or an existing poem that focuses on one or more of the following: birthdays, the 1920s era, or time. Visit the above link (Wendy's name) and join the fun!

Now I must confess I originally wrote this poem as part of the A to Z Challenge but it fit the theme.  I started back to work this week after being out since January due to suffering a stroke.  I really wanted to participate in this blogfest so I re-used a poem!  Have a great weekend all! 


  1. Re-using a poem could also relate to the time theme in a way.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. Father Time just marches on...
    It makes me think of two scenarios: there's either a million things to do and not enough time OR people waste lots of time... and then we wonder, where has the time gone too?

  3. Probably the most unique poem I've seen for the blogfest so far. I like the unique rhythm of least, when I read it "out loud" in my mind there's a rhythm. Not sure if the rhythm I hear is the same as it is for you haha. Anyhow, thanks so much for signing up to participate - this has been super fun for me. I hope it was for you too! And I don't mind at all that you recycled your poem from the A to Z challenge. I suppose one could argue recycling poetry is good for the literary environment! :P


  4. Hi MJ

    I'm giving your a blog award on 7-3-12. Check it out on

  5. Interesting poem. Concise and to the point.